Highlights from Chag HaSemikha

June 24, 2016

We were overjoyed to celebrate our Annual Chag HaSemikha with over 300 guests last week. After graduating our largest class to date, we now have more than 100 graduates serving the Jewish community around the world. Among our thirteen graduates, Rabbi Aviad Bodner, Rabbi of the Stanton Street Synagogue on the Lower East Side, was the first to complete our Semikha for Rabbinic Professionals track, a profound achievement. The realization of these important milestones brought even more significance to the wonderful event, and in celebration we would like to share some highlights. In addition to the pictures here, we include transcripts of the speeches by Rabbi Garth Silberstein (“Rabbinic Aspirations”) and Rabbi Jordan Soffer (“The Yeshiva Experience”). More to come!

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