YCT Statement on Women Clergy

February 3, 2017

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, based on the guidance of our Rosh HaYeshiva and in concurrence with many other respected halakhic authorities, believes firmly in the importance and desirability of promoting both men and women who seek to become Orthodox leaders in the field of Jewish learning, rendering halakhic rulings, playing leadership roles in synagogues and schools, and serving as clergy.  We believe men and women have room within our mesorah not only to act in these roles, but also to bear the titles that reflect both their own understanding of their role and their community’s understanding of their role. While our yeshiva trains only men for the rabbinate, we support the growing number of Orthodox institutions, both in Israel and America, that train women as well for this critical holy work, and we encourage our musmakhim to mentor, hire and partner with men and women who embrace this holy work.   We respect the right of any organization, such as the Orthodox Union, to seek out the rulings of the authorities that they turn to for psak halakhah, even as those authorities may disagree with our poskim; we see this process of disagreement and debate as an inherent part of Orthodoxy and our eternal mesorah, “nahara nahara ifashtei.” We appreciate that in its recent statement, the Orthodox Union seeks unity and acceptance of different approaches within the Orthodox community – such as disagreements over yo’atzot halakhah. We look forward to embracing our commonalities in our attitude toward the roles of men and women, and also embracing the ongoing conversation where we disagree.

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