Rabbi Aaron Frank (’08) leads his students in faith

September 4, 2019

Rabbi Frank wants to guide students in their faith, not force them to feel a certain way about Judaism and their beliefs.

“Many people think if you have ‘rabbi’ in front of your name that you’re going to impose, and there’s going to be coercion,” Frank said. “I want them to have the tools to take the journey on their own. Wherever that journey goes, I want them to be able to navigate that.

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Photograph of meat being grilled. Most of the image is taken up by a piece of what might be chicken breast, its mostly light in color but is clearly fully cooked with many splotches of dark reddish-brown to black coloring, including about 9 dark vertical grill lines. To its left are two other cooking pieces of meat that are slightly blurred. They also appear to be poultry but are much redder in hue and one appears to have a skewer sticking out of the bottom horizontally. The meat is cooking on top of a grill grate with black metal bars in horizontal rows making up the surface of the grill. Below the bars are grey coals with an orange glow emanating from beneath them.Rabbi Jacob Siegel ensures that investors do not promote religious discrimination and instead reflect their values
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