Rabbi Noah Leavitt Ran the New York Marathon for Friendship Circle

November 6, 2019

Rabbi Noah Leavitt to run for Friendship Circle in New York Marathon

By McKenna Corson

Over 52,000 people crossed the finish line at the TCS New York City Marathon in 2018, and among them was Noah Leavitt, senior rabbi of Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue, running the race for the first time.

With the 2019 New York City Marathon approaching Nov. 3, Leavitt will lace up his running shoes once more, but this time alongside New York Rabbi Leibi Marozov, brother of Friendship Circle of Cleveland Executive Director Rabbi Yossi Marozov, to run for a cause close to their hearts: Friendship Circle.

“I was looking for a local organization whose values I really believed in that I could raise money for, and that’s why I chose Friendship Circle,” Leavitt said. “I appreciate and value their mission of increasing inclusivity in the Jewish community and really making sure that everyone feels like they have a home and a place in the Jewish community.”

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