International Rabbinic Fellowship Shares Its Passover 5780 Guide

April 7, 2020

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah’s International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF) shared its guide for Passover 5780. The comprehensive guide includes: how to clean and kasher prior to Pesach; a shopping guide; instructions for leading a Seder; and information about loneliness and mental health. To access the guide in PDF format, click here.

A photograph of a key hanging in a door lock. The right half of the image is taken up by a brown wooden door which has a greenish tinge due to the light source coming from the left. The key is inside a metal modern turning door lock and is hanging at the center of the photograph. The key inside the lock is metal and straight with ridges on both sides of the key bit and the part that attaches the bit to the key-ring is bulky and made of black plastic. On the small metal loop key-ring are hanging to other keys pointing straight down, both are completely metal and have ridges only on one side of the bit, the front key is squarish at the top and the back key is circular at the top. At the top of the image is what might be a cylindrical door knob but it has been cut-off at the top. The left side of the image is blurry and seems to be a window directed outside to a garden or some other space with a large light source and many green vaguely leaf shaped objects.Open Doors
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