YCT Creates Coronavirus-Focused Passover 2020 Supplement

April 8, 2020

In collaboration with Yeshivat Maharat and the International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF), YCT has created a collection of Passover 2020 readings with an emphasis on the coronavirus and its impact on the holiday this year. Access the readings here.

Photograph of a seder plate. The plate is resting on a white table cloth on a corner that has black, yellow, magenta and green "X" patterned stitch marks that may be made to look like abstracted flowers. The seder plate is white with pink vines making circular patterns and small purple circles which could be grapes clustered together in each circle except the middle one. The circle in the middle has styalistic block letters which say "פסח" with small circles joining the top and bottom half of each individual letter. On the outer rim of the seder plate are the Hebrew words for the order of the seder with a small dish sitting on the intersection of every two words. The text is in stylistic red block lettering with floral and leaf patterns between the words. On the bottom, closest to the viewer is a dish with a mass of dark red-purple liquidy bits, likely horseradish. On the left of the dish is the word "רחצה" and on the right it says "מרור". The dish to the bottom right has a clump of light brown apple chunks and crushed nuts with the word "עורך" to its right. On the top right is a dish with a roasted chicken wing, the word that would be to it's right (or under it) is not visible. At the top center are a few leaves of green (likely Romain) lettuce with the dish barley noticeable underneath, to the left of it the full word isn't visible on the last two letters "חץ". On the top left is a dish with an egg, it is white with brown splotches and a hair-width crack running through from the top right to the bottom left, words aren't visible. On the bottom left is a dish with 6 sticks of celery, no words are visible except the one to its right which is also the left of the horseradish.International Rabbinic Fellowship Shares Its Passover 5780 Guide
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