Passover 2021 Supplement

March 23, 2021

In collaboration with Yeshivat Maharat and the International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF), YCT has created a collection of Passover 2021 readings.

Access the reader here.

A photograph of a white latex gloved hand with fingers slightly splayed except for the thumb and pointer finger. Clasped between the thumb and pointer finger is a small glass bottle with a white cap that has blue plastic at the top. The bottom of the bottle has a white label with blue letters saying "mRNA Vaccine" with "COVID-19" written below in smaller letters. The background of the image is white.Why Being a Rabbi Led Me to Participate in the Novavax Vaccine Trial
A picture, possibly a photograph, of a field of wheat with a shining point of light (likely the sun) behind it. The whole image has a yellow-golden color but shapes are still distinguishable from variations in color and shadow.Shavuot Reader 2021