A Year of Strong & Steady Growth: YCT Highlights of ’22-’23

June 13, 2023

Dear Friends,

The 2022-23 year has been one of strong and steady growth for YCT, with a growing number of students here and in Israel, alumni in even greater positions of influence and reach, and more lives touched. This has all been possible thanks to your ongoing and increased investment in us and in our rabbis in the field.

Your support has been critical to our continued success and we thank you! If you have not yet made your annual gift, we hope this year in review will inspire you to do so today.

Highlights of 2022-2023

150+ rabbis-in-the-field impacting people worldwide.

This year’s new leadership positions include:

  • Rabbi of Ohev Sholom, Washington, DC
  • Rabbi of Anshe Sholom, Chicago
  • CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Senior Jewish Educator at Brown Hillel
  • Director of Education /Orthodox Rabbi at MIT Hillel
  • Head of School, Scheck Miami Hillel
Photograph of Rabbanit Devorah Zlochower A tall, middle-aged woman with shortish black curly hair and a light skin-tone. She has a big toothy smile and is facing the camera. She has rectangular glasses with thick black frames and a black domed fabric hat with a zipper bent into an intricate flower design. She is wearing a deep purple dress and a silver chain necklace. The background of the image is blurred but seems to be white on the top and bottom and blue in the middle. She is only visible from the shoulders up.

Torah Scholarship Deepened & Expanded

New alumni publications:
Rikmah students talking

YCT Israel

Cultivating and supporting the next generation of rabbinic leadership in Israel

  • Community of 50 Rikmah Fellows – rabbanim and rabbaniyot working to transform the landscape of Israeli society.

Investment and Support

  • Since the launching of our new vision and initiatives, our growth has inspired 40 new major donors, averaging over $1m/year in support.

If you have not made a gift in this fiscal year, which ends August 31, now is the time! Please support our work here.


Rabbi Dov Linzer & Ruthie Strosberg Simon

Photograph of Dr. Jeremy Novich A photo of a man, who appears to be in his 30s or 40s with a ruddy pinkish skin tone and wide toothy smile facing directly at the camera. The image is from the chest up with a solid white background. He is wearing large circular wire framed glasses and has a very short full faced beard with connected mustache, he is bald. He is wearing an off-white button down shirt with vertical stripes. He appears to have a broad physique and he has a black keepah.To Parent a Queer Child, Parents Also Need Support
Brandeis Photograph of Brandeis University in front of the Brandeis University sign. The sign is a large rectangular slab of off-white stone held up by 2 stone blocks with grooves cut through the middle for the sign to rest in, the blocks are the same color and material. On the sign, carved in large block font that makes the letters appear black is "BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY". To the left of the words is the Brandeis logo. The words and symbols are hard to make out but the image is a circle within a circle with the larger circle having words written within going around the inner circumference. The only word that is clear is the one on top that says "TRUTH", all the words appear similar to the larger ones on the Brandeis sign. The inner circle has a shield with light rays extending outwards in all directions. Inside the shield are 3 lit candles in the middle with an indeterminate word on top and "אמת" on the bottom. The sign is resting in a large patch of soil with 2 small spot lights and a small bed of yellow and purple flowers. The background of the image is a manicured green grassy lawn with a few large green leafy trees on the left and right and metal poles holding up banners dotted around. There is a large yellow and white flower patch directly behind the sign and there is an off-white stone sidewalk swerving upwards towards a set of large rectangular buildings. The building on the right is grey with many blueish windows on the bottom half. the middle building is shaped like 90 degree line with mostly blue-green glass and the building on the right is red-brown brick. The sky is light royal blue with wispy white and blue-grey clouds.Brandeis is ‘Anything But’ Bad for Observant Jews