Rabbi Portman appointed senior Jewish educator and campus rabbi at OSU Hillel

August 25, 2023

Rabbi Aaron Portman (’21) assumed the role of senior Jewish educator and campus rabbi at The Ohio State University Hillel in Columbus on Aug. 20.

According to a news release from OSU Hillel, Portman is a sixth-generation Central Ohioan. He was born in Bexley and attended Columbus Torah Academy before receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Yeshiva University in New York City. While in rabbinical school at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah in New York, Portman served as a prison chaplain, worked at an interfaith Sunday school and served as an adjunct Jewish studies professor at The City College of New York in New York City.

Portman then participated in a year-long Dorot Fellowship in Israel following his 2021 ordination, the release said. Before OSU Hillel, he worked as a chaplain resident at the OSU Wexner Medical Center. He and his wife, Dena, live on the Ohio State campus, where she is a medical student.

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Poster for YCT's Disabilities Inclusion Torah Reader. Image with a mostly white background with YCT's dandelion pattern in faded purplish grey on the top and bottom. The pattern is 13 circles of varying size with a line of the same color attached to each of the two middle circles on the bottom. The pattern on the top is 9 circles of varying size with a line of the same color attached to the middle circle, this is the repeated on the second page of the image on the top of the right page. The right half of the image is a table of contents, starting with the words "Table of Contents" in large indigo block letters. Below this, in smaller font it says "Introduction" in bold, the topic, and a 1 on the opposite side, the page number, and "Rabbi Dov Linzer", the author, below the bold. The next topic is "Vision and Values" with the first sub-topic being "The Problem with Perfection" by "Rabbanit Devorah Zlochower" page "3". The next subtopic is "Inclusion Doesn't Happen by Accident" by "Rabbi Dov Linzer", page "7" and the last sub-topic under this topic is "A House of Hopes" by "Mrs. Chava Willing Levy z''l" page"10". The last topic is called "Halakha". The first sub-topic is called "The Mandate of Inclusion" by "Rabbi Dov Linzer" page "13". The second sub-topic is "Disabilities and Judaism: A Study in Halakhic Responsivness" by "Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Lou" page "26". The last sub-topic is "Vibration-Sensing as a Way to Fulfill the Mitzvah of Shofar" by "Rabbi Ben Greenfield" page "32" with "Winner of the 2023 Zakheim/ Robinowitz Prize for Excellence in Talmudic Scholarship" underneath Rabbi Ben Greenfield. In the middle of the left side of the poster in small indigo block letters it says "YCT Presents" followed by much larger font below in two rows that reads "Disabilities Inclusion Torah Reader" and below that in slightly smaller font is "July 2023 Av 5783" divided into two lines. On the bottom right corner of the left side is the YCT logo. The left half of the logo is a circular radius of 54 circles moving out from the center. 27of the circles are radiating outward directly from the middle by attached lines (one per circle). All of the circles in the radius vary in size from significantly smaller to slightly larger then the average circle in the image. The center of the symbol and where the circles are radiating out from is a empty space in the shape of an implied circle (to match the shape of the radius but much smaller). The circles and lines fade in color from indigo blue on the top left, they then become a dark bluish-purple followed by a brighter indigo purple on the middle right and then a light blue at the upper right. The light blue section is disconnected and further towards the top right corner away from the rest of the image. There are 3 circles with attached lines in that corner and the two closest to the corner have there lines overlapping. The rest of the radius is made up of a repeating pattern of circles with 3 circles with attached lines followed by a larger line connected to a circle touching the edge of the radius. This pattern repeats 5 times and ends with the disconnected section that is then followed by one short line attached to a circle and one long one. On the right half of the logo, in indigo blue bubble letters are the letters "YCT". Below YCT are light blue block letters that says "VIBRANT TORAH" and below that in the same color and font is "LEADERSHIP". Underneath the light blue letters are the words "ישיבת חובבי תורה" in blue indigo block letters.Disabilities Inclusion Torah Reader
Rabbi Dov Linzer Photograph of Rabbi Dov Linzer showing the top half of him. He is a middle aged man with beige skin and his body is slightly angled away from the camera. He has a wide slightly open mouthed smile and is clean shaven. He has short brown hair and is wearing a black keepah. He has circular wire-rimmed glasses and is wearing a navy blue suit with a white button down shirt and a sky blue tie with royal blue hollowed out triangle patterns. The background is blurry and shows a white wall with a sefer of gemarah or mishnah directly behind him.Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice at Rosh Hashana