Sukkot 5784 Torah Reader

September 27, 2023

Yom Kippur Reflections
Photograph of Rabbi Ilay Ofran. Image of a man from the chest up directly facing the camera. He has sandy toned skin, very short, frizzy, dark brown hair, stubble, dark eyes and is smiling toothily at the camera. He is wearing rimless rectangular glasses with blue frames, a dark grey fleece jacket that is zipped up to mid chest, and a light blue button-down shirt. The background is blurry and is of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale's aron cover. It is a navy blue fabric with various designs on different colored cloth squares. The designs are hard to make out but from left to right the top row is yellow, orange, lime green, dusty brown, the second row is, sandy, purple, red, orange, the third row is, pink, orange, lime green, purple and the last visible square on the bottom right it pink.Rabbi Ilay Ofran in Yisrael Hayom on the events of Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv - and how we move forward from here.