Israel Solidarity Gatherings Held at Beth Jacob and Cedars-Sinai

October 11, 2023

by Kylie Ora Lobell for the Jewish Journal

On Monday, Oct. 9, hundreds of people gathered at Beth Jacob Congregation and Cedars-Sinai in separate solidarity events for Israel.

Cedars-Sinai held a solidarity event for Israel led by Rabbi Dr. Jason Weiner (YCT ’06), senior rabbi and director of the Spiritual Care Department. Over 100 employees were in attendance; the room was packed and the crowd overflowed into the hallway. Another 300 people tuned in virtually.

Everyone recited psalms, and Cantor Nati Baram sang “Hatikva” and said a prayer for Israeli soldiers and Jewish captives. Weiner talked about the importance of tzedaka for Israel, Torah study, prayer and solidarity to help Israel and cope with difficult times.

“It was important to come together in a place of healing and caring for the vulnerable to express our fears and hopes,” said Weiner. “It was especially poignant at a Jewish hospital founded to combat antisemitism.”

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