Prayer for the Hostages

October 15, 2023

May the One who blessed our fathers, Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov and our mothers, Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel and Leah, bless and keep and protect those who are missing and who have been seized hostage, among them:

Aviv daughter of Doron

Bar daughter of Nili

Maayan daughter of Racheli

Inbar daughter of Yifat

Avigayil daughter of Smadar

Gai Yaakov son of Levana

Matan son of Miriam

Einav son of Shira

Avinatan son of Ditza Tirza

Gili daughter of Orna

Naor son of Livnat

Karin daughter of Osnat Asia

Evyatar son of Yasmin

Dvir son of Chanit

Nevo son of Merav

Karin daughter of Luba

Avraham  Gilad son of Liat

Dovid Karol son of Garcia

Noi daughter of Chava

Kim daughter of Miri Pines

Avshalom son of Ruti

Dor son of Iris

Nave son of Adi

Keshet son of Natalia

Adar daughter of Daniella

Dor son of Batya

Rom son of Tamar

Ophir Angel son of Yoav

Dor son of Galit

Noa daughter of Leah

Rom son of Sharone

Dor son of Vered

Noa daughter of Leora

Romi daughter of Merav

Ophir son of Rishel

Dor son of Sharona

Romi  Ruchama daughter of Sara

Ophek son of Etty

Doron daughter of Sara

Noa daughter of Mali

Roni daughter of Lilach Sandra

Ohr son of Avi

Doreenn Attias daughter of Tali

Noam daughter of Hadas

Roni son of Berta

Ohr son of Sima

Dan Sasi son of Shoshana

Nachman son of Deganit

Roi son of Nitza

Ohrel son of Merav

Daniel son of Inge

Nitzan son of Vered

Rotem daughter of Ariella

Uri son of Einav

Danielle daughter of Elah

Nitzan son of Yiska

Raz daughter of Doron

Uriel son of Naomi

Dror son of Elah

Nitzan daughter of Ronit

Rahel daughter of Plina

Oriya daughter of Chani

Hili daughter of Margaret

Noa daughter of Nitzchona

Rina daughter of Mechula

Osher daughter of Rachel

Hirsch son of Perel Chanah

Noam son of Talya

Segev son of Gilit

Osher daughter of Tikvah

Vivan daughter of Shoshana

Noam daughter of Sharon

Shoham daughter of Rachel

Isabella daughter of Natalie

Ziv Liel son of Roital

Shoham son of Pazit

Eilat daughter of Rachel

Chava daughter of Sali

Saan son of Sara

Soshan son of Rina

Eitan Avraham son of Efrat

Tal son of Nitza

Sahar son of Tamar

Shachak son of Merav

Eitan son of Chanit

Yonatan son of Limore

Steven son of Erna

Shinhav daughter of Rachel

Alon son of Edit

Yahel daughter of Adi

Strosta Tomer son of Ohrli

Shaked daughter Bela

Elya son of Odel

Yuval Kim son of Miriam

Sharone son of Limor

Elya son of Batsheva

Yochai son of Ziva

Sigal daughter of Annie

Sharon daughter of Metukah

Eliyahu son of Chana

Yonatan son of Miriam

Sigal son of Esther

Sharone daughter of Ruti

Eliyahu Yaakov son of Hadassah Adi

Yonatan Chai son of Linda

Stav daughter of Etti

Tair daughter of Edna

Yosef son of Chana

Adi daughter of Ahuva

Tomer son of Sigal

Eliyana daughter of Yivgenia

Yoram son of Miriam

Adi daughter of Jacqueline

Tamar daughter of Yaira

Alicia daughter of Ludmilla

Yiftach son of Shoshana

Adi Margalit daughter of Ilka Chana

Tiferet daughter of Sara Sarit

Elyakim Shlomo son of Avishag

Yitchak Issac son of Tziporah

Yishai son of Talya

Alex son of Oxsana

Lior son of Michal

Eden son of Ohren

Alroi son of Iris

Lotan son of Naomi

Eden daughter of Aliza

Amir son of Rachel

Liel son of Nardit

Adi daughter of Shoshan

Amitai son of Cheftzi

Liel daughter of Yonit

Omer son of Osnat

Amnon sa’an son of Sara

Lidor son of Batel

Omer son of Sheli

Artor Aharon son of Mina

Lidor son of Gita

Omri son of Chagit

Bechore Chai son of Hadas

Lilach daughter of Rinat

Omri son of Raaya

Ben son of Zehava

Liam son of Sarit

Ido son of Cochava

Ben son of Nirit

Moti son of Mazal

Idan son of Dalit

B’nayahu son of Ethel

Moriya Ohr son of Sandra

Einav son of Penina

Binyamin son of Elizabeth

Maya Shem daughter of Keren

Amit daughter of Dina

Bar son of Julie

Michael son of Rahel

Amit son of Limor

Ziv Ben Tamar

Noam Liel son of Revital

Ayelet daughter of Rachel

Ben Benzion son of Mazal

Mor son of Linda

Idan son of Tamar

Amiram Cooper

Shir Bibas

Yarden Bibas

Kfir Bibas

Ariel Bibas

Together with all of our brothers and sisters who are in straits and captivity, for the sake that this community and all our communities are praying on their behalf. May the Holy One have compassion on them, bring them out from darkness and despair, break their chains, and from their depths redeem them. May God return them quickly to their families. Let them realize the fulfilment of the verse: “Those redeemed by God shall return and come to Zion in song, and anguish and moaning shall depart,” and let us say, Amen.

Photograph of a pro-Israel rally in Austin Texas. Image of a crowd of people standing outside in what appears to be a city square or park. Rabbi Daniel Millner has his back to the camera and is speaking to the assembled crowd, he is wearing a navy blue suite with a white collard shirt, he has a tanned skin tone and short, neat black hair and is also wearing a black knit keepah. A figure with dark hair in a bun and a close cropped beard is holding out a mic to Rabbi Millner with their right hand, they also have glasses, a white shirt sleeved shirt and is wearing an Israeli flag over their shoulders like a cape. Many other figures in the crowd are wearing an Israeli flag in similar fashion or are waving them over their heads, a few figures also have American flags. Many of the people at the rally are holding up posters but most are difficult to make out. Three of the poster are legible, one says "40 BABIES" in yellow block letters followed by "MURDERED BY HAMAS" in white and the rest of the poster is black with four illustrated white candles each with a small yellow flame. Another poster is also black and says in white block letters "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW". The last poster is white and says in blue block letters "AM YISRAEL CHAI" with a picture of an Israeli flag. The people at the rally come in a variety of ages and attires though many seem to be wearing blue and/or white and most appear to have lighter skin tones and they all seem to be over the age of 16. The backdrop of the image is a sunny tiled pathway with a few green leafy trees on either side. In the back are a number of tall buildings, mostly brown or white with many blue glass windows. The sky is light blue and cloudless appears to fade to a blueish-white.Rabbi Daniel Millner (YCT '14) at the Israel Rally at the Capitol in Austin
Photo-realistic image of the Israeli flag with a sunset in the background. An Israeli flag covers the majority of the image, it is a white horizontal rectangle with a blue horizontal stripe on the top and bottom and a blue Magen David in the middle. The flag is tinted yellowish gold by the large blazing yellow and white sun glowing on the right side. The sky behind the flag is a hazy light grey and a grey metal flagpole can be seen on the far left.
תפילה לנעדרים ולנעדרות, לחטופים ולחטופות