Ways to Support Israel

October 13, 2023

YCT Israel Emergency Action Fund

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked how you can aid in YCT’s efforts to support Israel. Below is the list of our immediate activities and funding needs:

Student Mission with Rabbi Avi Weiss

  • Sending a mission of 3 YCT students each to Israel to work alongside Rav Avi Weiss, together with Rabbi Mike Schultz (’07), Israeli rabbis and others, to support bereaved families, offer comfort and religious guidance to those in need, and to assist the home effort in any and all ways possible with their Torah and with their pastoral and rabbinical skills (funding need: $10,000 per mission).

Our Israeli Alumni Serving and Supporting

  • Supplying our semikha and Rikmah alumni in uniform with specific needs for their units. We highlight the efforts of Rabbi Akiva Weiss ’10 who is working to procure additional protective gear. (funding need: $500 per week).
  • Supporting the work of Rabbi Aryeh Leifert ’06, as he drives across Israel assisting soldiers going to the front lines and civilians evacuating conflict zones (funding need: $1,000 per week).

Supporting our Alumni

  • Sending food, toys, and other supplies to our alumni in uniform and their families (funding need: $5,000 per month).

All money raised goes to people in need with no institutional overhead.

Community Zoom Event

THIS SUNDAY at 11am Eastern:

YCT will host a virtual Zoom gathering bringing together Rav Avi and others in Israel, with our communities around the world, for prayer, learning and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Learn more & register here.

We continue to pray for those who have been wounded or captured. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu watch over our soldiers and all those in harm’s way as they continue to protect Medinat Yisrael. 

Rabbi Dov Linzer
President & Rosh HaYeshiva, Norman & Tova Bulow Chair

Israel Solidarity Gatherings Held at Beth Jacob and Cedars-Sinai
Photograph from 'We are at war with terror'. Image with protesters standing and holding up signs in support of Israel. One figure, far right, is has a tan skin tone and short brown hair and is facing to the left. He appears to be male and is clean shaven and seems to be middle aged. He is wearing a white button down shirt, navy blue khakis, a white, full-length, tallis, circular tortoise shell glasses and a keepah that is navy blue on top and has light blue triangular patterns on the bottom. In his left hand he is holding a black, corded, microphone or recorder and in his right hand he is holding a sign that seems to be a photograph of a man holding 2 children, one of whom is a toddler, the words on the poster are hard to make out. In front of the far right figure is a small child, possibly elementary age, with short blonde hair, a tan skin tone, pastel green T-shirt and magenta rectangular glasses with a magenta band in the back securing it to the child's head. On the left are 2 more figures. The one are the near left appears to be a female and might be between high school and college age. She has pale skin, long, straight, brown hair and has her head facing the slightly to the right. She is wearing an Israeli flag like a cape with the white outer frame and 2 broad blue, horizontal (vertical in this perspective) stripe visible, she is also wearing beige khakis. She is holding a white foam-board sign that says "Am Yisrael Chai" in large blue letters with a blue Magen David underneath. On the far left is a person who appears to be a middle aged man with pale skin. His hair, if he has any, is obscured by a black and beige baseball hat, he is also wearing an Israeli flag in a similar fashion to the girl. He is also wearing black sunglasses, a navy blue t-shirt and beige pants. He is holding up a black sign with a picture of black window-blinds outlining the shape of Israel with a red background to the blinds. There is a red child-like figure on the poster who is peaking out from the window-blinds, there are also white words on the poster but they are difficult to make out. There are several figures who are hard to make out behind the 4 front figures. Behind the protesters is a grey street with green foliage behind it and a light blue cloudless sky and a set of 3 black traffic lights suspended on a white horizontal pole.'We are at war with terror': Scottsdale community calls for release of hostages held by Hamas