‘We are at war with terror’: Scottsdale community calls for release of hostages held by Hamas

October 15, 2023

by Audrey Eagerton for The Arizona Republic

Calling for the release of the 150 Israeli hostages taken by Hamas, a small group in support of Israel gathered early Sunday morning in Scottsdale.

Prayers were sung and the Israeli flag and signs were raised as cars drove by the demonstration on Scottsdale and Thunderbird roads, honking in solidarity.

The demonstration was led Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz (YCT ’10), who began reading off the names of the hostages in Israel. One of those names was familiar to Ilana Bruce who told The Arizona Republic she has family and friends in Israel.

“If you don’t know somebody who’s been kidnapped or killed, you are at least one degree away, as Jew, from knowing someone. We have a friend in the Phoenix community whose cousin was murdered at the Re’im music festival,” Bruce said.

She is referring to the Oct. 7 attacks in southern Israel that ignited the Israel-Hamas War.

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Photo-realistic image of the Israeli flag with a sunset in the background. An Israeli flag covers the majority of the image, it is a white horizontal rectangle with a blue horizontal stripe on the top and bottom and a blue Magen David in the middle. The flag is tinted yellowish gold by the large blazing yellow and white sun glowing on the right side. The sky behind the flag is a hazy blue grey and a grey metal flagpole can be seen on the left.Ways to Support Israel
Photograph of a pro-Israel rally in Austin Texas. Image of a crowd of people standing outside in what appears to be a city square or park. Rabbi Daniel Millner has his back to the camera and is speaking to the assembled crowd, he is wearing a navy blue suite with a white collard shirt, he has a tanned skin tone and short, neat black hair and is also wearing a black knit keepah. A figure with dark hair in a bun and a close cropped beard is holding out a mic to Rabbi Millner with their right hand, they also have glasses, a white shirt sleeved shirt and is wearing an Israeli flag over their shoulders like a cape. Many other figures in the crowd are wearing an Israeli flag in similar fashion or are waving them over their heads, a few figures also have American flags. Many of the people at the rally are holding up posters but most are difficult to make out. Three of the poster are legible, one says "40 BABIES" in yellow block letters followed by "MURDERED BY HAMAS" in white and the rest of the poster is black with four illustrated white candles each with a small yellow flame. Another poster is also black and says in white block letters "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW". The last poster is white and says in blue block letters "AM YISRAEL CHAI" with a picture of an Israeli flag. The people at the rally come in a variety of ages and attires though many seem to be wearing blue and/or white and most appear to have lighter skin tones and they all seem to be over the age of 16. The backdrop of the image is a sunny tiled pathway with a few green leafy trees on either side. In the back are a number of tall buildings, mostly brown or white with many blue glass windows. The sky is light blue and cloudless appears to fade to a blueish-white.Rabbi Daniel Millner (YCT '14) at the Israel Rally at the Capitol in Austin