YCT Rikmah Fellow Rav Shai Weitzman officiating at a wedding of a fellow chayal on the front lines

October 19, 2023

Gratitude to everyone supporting the YCT Israel Emergency Fund expressed by YCT musmakh (YCT '11) and IDF medic Rabbi Eytan Yammer
Screenshot from a CNN News broadcast with Rabbi Ari Hart who attended the funeral of a Muslim boy who had been killed. Image is split down the middle by a red line, on the right is a rabbi and on the left is presumably a CNN news host. At the bottom of the screen is the headline in large black letters on a white text box saying "HUNDREDS ATTEND VIGIL FOR 6-YR-OLD BOY KILLED IN ALLEGED ANTI-MUSLIM ATTACK." Above and curving around the left end of the text box is a red text box with white text saying "DEVELOPING STORY". On the right end of the white text box are the letter "CNN" in large red letters that connect to one another and have a white line running through them (the CNN logo) and below that is a red downward arrow that says "S&P" in black on the left and "56.70" on the right. Just above the white text box is a small red text box with white letters that say "LIVE". The text below the white text box is cut-off by the Youtube frame, a semi-transparent bar with a line going from the far left to the far right that is mostly red with some white at the end. Below the line is a white play button (right facing arrow), a skip button (same arrow but with a vertical line in front of it), a volume button (cartoon megaphone with a semicircle and a right facing arch coming out of it), a time stap that says "4:08/5:14" and then on the right side a transparent play button inside a white circle, a white box with transparent "CC" inside it (closed caption icon), a white gear (settings icon), a hollow white square with a solid white square in the bottom right, a hollow white square, a hollow white square with 3 curved white bars coming from the bottom left, and a 4 white right angles forming a roughly square shape (the full screen icon). The figure on the left appears to be a woman in her 30s to 40s with light tanish skin and facing the camera. She has shoulder length, straight, blonde hair that is parted on the side, dark eyes, prominent eye brows and is visible from the chest up. She is wearing a black coat, a black, white and grey-green floral top and earrings that might have small clear or whitish gem stone. Behind her is a cityscape with squat, pale colored apartments and the whole cityscape has a blue tint. On the right is Rabbi Ari Hart, he is a man who appears to be in his 30s to 40s, is directly facing the camera, and has pale beige skin. He has short, neat, dark hair and a full, short, and neat beard with connected mustache. He has brown eyes and is wearing dark, circular glasses that are tapered at the ends. He is also wearing a blue-grey suit and a white button down shirt with a glossy light blue tie. Behind him is an arrangement of sefarim filling most of 3 black, wooden book cases. The books come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes but most appear to be in Hebrew and tend to be grey, brown or black and many have gilded spines.CNN News - Rabbis Attend Funeral for Muslim Boy in Illinois