From Berkeley to Boston, YCT Rabbis Rally for Israel

November 16, 2023

We were overjoyed to join the 290,000 in attendance at Tuesday’s March for Israel. Over 100 YCT rabbis and their communities and students from across the country came to stand in solidarity with Medinat Yisrael and to strengthen the American Jewish community.


Rabbi Ben Berger (’09), Vice President for Jewish Education at Hillel International, estimated the participation of 3000 college students and Hillel professionals.

Among them were:

  • Rabbi Gabe Greenberg – 150 students – Penn University
  • Rabbi Ari Weiss – 100 students – Cornell University
  • Rabbi Aaron Portman – 75 students – Ohio State University (pictured above)
  • Rabbi Jonah Winer – 40 students – Brown University/Rhode Island School of Design
  • Rabbi Dan Epstein – 800 students – George Washington University
  • Rabbi Seth Winberg – 50 students – Brandeis University

During these unprecedented and most challenging times we particularly acknowledge and honor the extraordinary work of our campus rabbis. May they go, with their students, from strength to strength.


Over 20 YCT-led communities were present. Among them were:

  • Rabbi Hody Nemes – 75 congregants – Skokie
  • Rabbi Steven Exler – 120 congregants – Riverdale
  • Rabbi Jon Leener – 2 bus loads of congregants – Brooklyn
  • Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein – 70 congregants – Chicago
  • Rabbis Yerachmiel Shapiro, Eli Finklestein – 225 congregants – Baltimore
  • Rabbi Noah Leavitt – 25 congregants – Cleveland
  • Rabbi Yonatan Cohen – 20 congregants – Berkeley (pictured above)
  • Rabbi David Wolkenfeld – 100’s of congregants – Washington
  • Rabbi Uri Topolosky – 100 congregants – Rockville
  • Rabbis Chai Posner, Eli Yoggev, Jason Goldstein – 500 congregants – Baltimore
  • Rabbi Menashe East – 50 congregants – Randolph, NJ
  • Rabbis Nissan Antine and Eitan Cooper – 500 congregants – Potomac
  • Rabbi Aaron Braun – Northbrook, IL
  • Rabbi Jason Herman – Manhattan


The ruach of the nation’s Jewish day schools was inspiring, uplifting and a highlight of the rally. These thousands of students give us hope for the future of the Jewish People.

YCT Rabbis who came with their schools included:

  • Rabbis Aaron Frank, Michael Billet – Kinneret Day School (pictured above)
  • Rabbis Benji Shiller, Mikey Stein – Heschel High School
  • Rabbi David Fried – Ramaz High School
  • Rabbi Kenny Birnbaum – SAR High School – New York
  • Rabbi Dan Margulies – Berman Academy – Rockville
  • Rabbi Jamie Pearlberg – Kushner High School – Livingston
  • Rabbi Jordan Soffer – Striar Hebrew Academy of Sharon, MA
  • Rabbi Aviad Bodner – Denver Academy of Torah
  • Rabbi David Fain – Hillel Day School – Detroit
  • Rabbis Saul Strosberg, Daniel Hoffman – 10 – Jewish Middle School – Nashville


YCT Rabbis serving as chaplains and in Jewish organizations joined their communities and also came by themselves:

  • Rabbi Amitai Fraiman – 100 – Bay Area delegation
  • Rabbi Scott Kalmikoff – 450 – Riverdale delegation
  • Rabbi Abe Schacter-Gampel – 150 – Memphis delegation
  • Rabbi Josh Pernick – 120 – New Haven delegation
  • Rabbi Mordechai Harris – 230 – Dallas delegation
  • Rabbi Drew Kaplan – Cincinnati delegation
  • Rabbi Adam Scheier – 50 – Montreal delegation (pictured above)
  • Rabbi Koby Geller – Netivot Teaneck delegation
  • Rabbi Noah Aronin – Riverdale delegation
  • Rabbi Max Davis – Minneapolis delegation
  • Rabbi Daniel Geretz – West Orange
  • Rabbi Loren Berman – DC
  • Rabbi Daniel Levitt – Philadelphia
  • Rabbi Yossi Pollak – White Plains
  • Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz – Phoenix
  • Rabbi Phil Lieberman – Ohev Sholom DC delegation
  • Rabbi Jeff Fox – Riverdale
  • Rabbi Daniel Braune Friedman – Rockville

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Photograph of Rabbi Seth Winberg. Image of a man, from the chest upwards, angled to the right but with head facing the camera, he appears to be middle aged. He has pinkish-sandy toned skin, a shy toothy smile and eyes that are either green or blue. His hair is short and dark brown and he is clean shaven. He is wearing a cyan knit keepah and rectangular glasses that are rimless at the bottom and have black frames. He is wearing a navy blue suit with a white button down shirt and a royal blue tie with repeating pink starburst pattern followed by a small turquoise circle. The background of the image is blurry and appears to be a bluish-white series of square window panes.I’m a rabbi at Brandeis. Its decision voiding recognition for its Students for Justice in Palestine chapter was the right move
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