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Rabbi Emile Ackermann

Semikha, Class of 2023

Rabbi Emile Ackermann

Founding Rabbi


Paris, France

Emile Ackermann was born in Strasbourg, France, where he has been learning Torah since he was young. Emile went to Yeshivat haKotel after graduating from high school, and then moved to Paris to study international Law. He then studied at the French rabbinical school and taught in several Jewish schools and Sunday schools to children as a Bible teacher, while contributing to different newspapers. Emile is a fierce advocate of religious freedom and has vocally opposed the anti-religious, intolerant side of French secularism in the media, where he repeatedly took a stand against antisemitism and islamophobia, defending the right of Jews and Muslims to wear religious signs in public. He has also been active in interfaith groups such as Coexist and believes in meaningful dialogue between different religious traditions. Emile is also responsible for the organization of lectures and conferences as well as partnerships with other institutions and student associations. In 2019, Emile became a student at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, and he will be graduating in 2023.