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El Salvador: A Trip Beyond My Comfort Zone

by Balbino Cotarelo Núñez for JewishLink It’s hard not to read “Lech Lecha” as an invitation to Avraham Avinu—and each of us—to go beyond our comfort zones. In this spirit, I’m recapping my recent trip to spend time with the unsung kehillah in El Salvador, and invite you to consider...

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Amid Record Growth, YCT 2.0 Brand Identity Launches

Over the last three years, YCT has been undergoing a period of major institutional growth. This growth is being propelled by a fresh, new vision and is evidenced by its expanding range of initiatives and the generous and enthusiastic support from its growing funder base. This new YCT, dubbed “YCT...

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Diversity and Inclusion, Happenings at Yeshiva, Innovation, Klal Israel, LGBTQ, Social Justice, Torah, Vibrant Orthodoxy, Yeshiva News

YCT Launches LGBTQ+ Community Initiatives and Welcomes Its First Director

YCT is pleased to announce the launch of its LGBTQ+ Community Initiatives and the hiring of David Pernick as Director of the Initiatives. The LGBTQ+ Community Initiatives project seeks to help create a culture of true inclusion in Orthodox communities for our LGBTQ+ members.   The need for such a project...

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Diversity and Inclusion, Jewish Education, Klal Israel, Torah, Vibrant Orthodoxy, Yeshiva News

Jerusalem Post – NYT exposé of hassidic yeshivot brings feelings of rage, nostalgia – opinion

by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz As one who was raised in the Satmar community, reading the recent New York Times exposé of hassidic yeshivot turned me into an emotional wreck, simultaneously filling me with contradictory feelings of rage and nostalgia. On one hand, the article brought back painful memories of violent corporal punishment, and also...

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Synagogue Teshuva

By Rabbi Jonathan Leener for eJewishPhilanthropy For many American Jews, the synagogue is totally irrelevant. As an institution, the synagogue is often viewed as being sterile and unwelcoming. Authenticity and inclusivity are not often associated with synagogue life. Membership decline and building closures are now commonplace. We could use COVID-19...

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New York Times Modern Love Section: ‘A Last Act of Intimate Kindness’

Image Credit: Brian Rea By Michelle Friedman The message I had dreaded for years appeared on my phone: “Looking to find the sister of my patient, Jay Friedman.” My ensuing phone conversation with the doctor brought ominous news. My 65-year-old brother, Jay, had advanced pancreatic cancer. He and I grew up...

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