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Innovation, Thought Leadership, Vibrant Orthodoxy

Ahavnu Viduy by Rabbi Avi Weiss

The Torah has given us a path of awakening: a person needs to also rejoice themselves sometimes by articulating the good deeds that they have done, in the appropriate measure, in order to strengthen their heart in service. Rav Avi Weiss, founder of YCT, has been teaching all of us...

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Thought Leadership, Israel, Klal Israel

Rosh Hashanah Greetings from Rabbi Dov Linzer

Rosh HaShanah, as the day in which the world was born, is a time to think globally about the health of our planet and of society. Last year was a turbulent one, with ominous, darkening skies, a growing tribalist mentality gripping our society in the States, the ongoing domestic upheaval...

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Israel, Klal Israel

Loving Other Jews: A Meditation

With all that’s happening in Israel, Rabbi Avi Weiss recently penned this poem-prayer, a Kavannah L’Ahavat Yisrael, and asks that communities begin to recite this in unity.

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Israel, Vibrant Orthodoxy

Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice at Rosh Hashana

The countdown is already underway to Rosh Hashana — New Year’s Day on the Jewish calendar, which, in 2023, falls on Sept. 15, ushering in the year 5784. This countdown is a daunting one for congregational rabbis, who will be pressed over the next two weeks to compose soul-stirring sermons...

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Disabilities, Jewish Education

Disabilities Inclusion Torah Reader

As Disability Pride Month comes to a close and as Tu b’Av draws near, we present the community with a Disabilities Inclusion Torah Reader. The need to create religious communities that are fully embracing and empowering of all its members is a matter of high priority for us at YCT...

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Campus, Young Adults / Engagement, Alumni News

Brandeis is ‘Anything But’ Bad for Observant Jews

by Rabbi Seth Winberg (’11) for The Forward “Brandeis was founded by Jews. But, it’s anything but Orthodox.” A double-page advertisement from Brandeis University bearing these words ran in June 25’s issue of The New York Times Magazine, to the dismay of many observant Jews. Thankfully, the university president sent...

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Alumni News, Israel, Happenings at Yeshiva, Campus, Yeshiva News

A Year of Strong & Steady Growth: YCT Highlights of ’22-’23

Dear Friends, The 2022-23 year has been one of strong and steady growth for YCT, with a growing number of students here and in Israel, alumni in even greater positions of influence and reach, and more lives touched. This has all been possible thanks to your ongoing and increased investment...

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Young Adults / Engagement, Thought Leadership, LGBTQ

To Parent a Queer Child, Parents Also Need Support

Once a child comes out, the entire family is forced to face many of the same questions and challenges experienced by their queer child. Just as the child needs support in reducing shame and closetedness, and improving self-acceptance and how to self-advocate, so do families, especially parents. Only through working...

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