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Not Afraid of the Long Road: Reflections on a Solidarity Mission

by Rabbi Ezra Seligsohn (YCT ‘17) At the end of January, I led a small delegation of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah representatives on a three day solidarity mission to Israel. Making this visit was both risky and ambitious. The risk was not existential as we never experienced any danger, but rather...

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Alumni News, Israel, Antisemitism

Trauma’s Enduring Legacy: Auschwitz to Kfar Aza

by Rabbi Jonathan Leener (’16) for Times of Israel As the sun set on an early May day in 1945, my grandfather entered the barbed wire fences of Wöbbelin Concentration Camp in Germany. Despite the emerging darkness, the horrors perpetrated by the Nazi regime were illuminated with horrifying clarity: thousands of...

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Alumni News, Climate, Social Justice

World Leaders Failed Us, But We Have the Power to End the Era of Fossil Fuels

by Rabbi Jacob Siegel (YCT ’16) for Common Dreams Last month saw an historic, albeit altogether insufficient, step forward to avoid climate catastrophe. At the annual global UN-backed climate change conference in Dubai, known as COP28, countries for the first time unanimously acknowledged the necessity of “transitioning away from fossil fuels”:...

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Antisemitism, Campus

Fighting antisemitism on our campuses

by Rav Avi Weiss for NY Daily News Imagine if the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT were asked in a congressional hearing, “Would you consider a call for genocide against Blacks or Asians or Latinos to run counter to your university’s code of conduct? Would you consider a call for genocide against the...

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Antisemitism, Israel, Happenings at Yeshiva

Chanukkah 5784 Greetings from Rabbi Linzer

The act of lighting candles on Chanukkah is understood in halakha to be an act of pirsumei nissa, publicizing the miracle. If the candles are not able to be seen, then one does not fulfil the mitzvah. Through our lighting, we proclaim: The Maccabees had pride in their faith and were...

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Klal Israel, Social Justice, Campus, Pulpit, Israel, Antisemitism

Top 10 Things We are Grateful For This Thanksgiving

1. Our chayalim and chayalot putting their lives on the line protecting Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael. 2. Our politicians who are standing up for Israel in the face of unrelenting pressure. 3. The 290,000 Jews and supporters of Israel who showed up at DC’s March for Israel. 4. Hillel rabbis and professionals who are providing a safe...

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Young Adults / Engagement, Alumni News, Israel, Antisemitism, Klal Israel, Social Justice, Campus, Chaplaincy, Pulpit

From Berkeley to Boston, YCT Rabbis Rally for Israel

We were overjoyed to join the 290,000 in attendance at Tuesday’s March for Israel. Over 100 YCT rabbis and their communities and students from across the country came to stand in solidarity with Medinat Yisrael and to strengthen the American Jewish community.×974.jpg COLLEGE CAMPUSES Rabbi Ben Berger (’09), Vice President for...

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