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Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff

Semikha, Class of 2014

Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff

Dean & Rebbe


Riverdale, NY

Rabbi Resnikoff trained at YCT, graduated in 2014, and joined the faculty immediately thereafter. As Director of Community Learning (2014-2022), he spearheaded YCT’s groundbreaking effort to raise the priority level of the climate crisis in the Orthodox and larger Jewish community. In the summer of 2022, after eight years on the faculty, he took over the deanship making him responsible for the academic administration of the yeshiva. As a member of the YCT Advanced Kollel he has worked intensively on dementia, eldercare, and mental illness in Jewish Law. He is the author of the most comprehensive Jewish legal treatment of the climate crisis to date and is researching a book on the same subject as a recipient of the Memorial Foundation Advanced Torah Fellowship.