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Rabbi Michael Stein
Semikha, Class of 2012

Rabbi Michael Stein

Limudei Qodesh Faculty, Abraham Joshua Heschel High School, New York, NY

Mikey grew up in Englewood, NJ. He graduated summa cum laude from NYU, and earned his MA in American Studies from Columbia University. After receiving semikha from YCT, Mikey joined the Limudei Qodesh faculty at the Heschel High School in New York, where he teaches Talmud, Tanakh, rabbinic theology, Halakha, and, occasionally, film. He is the facilitator of the Music Minyan, and faculty advisor for the Moot Beit Din team and the Baseball Appreciation club. Mikey views himself as a lifelong student, and tries to maintain his sense of curiosity and wonder. As such, Mikey loves helping to create meaningful moments for his students, witnessing their epiphanies, and learning from their Torah. In addition to his rabbinical pursuits, Mikey is an accomplished ba’al tefillah and ba’al koreh, reading Torah and leading Shabbat and Holiday services at a variety of synagogues in the NY area and beyond. He has also served as a part-time Rabbi for several different shuls across the U.S. He is a board member of the RZA (Religious Zionists of America), and a past Nahum Goldmann Fellow. He lives with his wife, Shevy, and his son, Ezra, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.