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Rabbi Sorin Rosen

Semikha, Class of 2007

Rabbi Sorin Rosen

Coordinator of Technology and Educational Innovations at The Hebrew Academy and Editor of Romanian translations of siddur and chumash

Sorin was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Upon receiving semikha from YCT in 2007, Sorin was appointed Head Rabbi of Romania at the tender age of 29. In this capacity, for several years, he coordinated Jewish religious life throughout Romania, splitting his time between being a pulpit Rabbi at the Great Synagogue in Bucharest, teaching comprehensive pre-conversion to Judaism classes, publishing divrei Torah online, organizing, running and teaching at Jewish summer camps, performing kosher supervision, officiating at lifecycle and commemorative events, and being engaged in interfaith dialogue on behalf of the Romanian Jewry.

In 2011, Sorin moved to Montreal, Canada with his family. He is currently working in educational technology at the Hebrew Academy in Montreal, a K-11 Modern Orthodox Jewish day school.

He is the author and editor of several bilingual (translated and transliterated) books in Romanian, featuring commentaries from classical Jewish sources as well: the first-ever Romanian chumash “Tora si Haftarot” (2022), the “Lemaan Achai” Siddur for weekdays, Shabbat and holidays (2011), a new translation of the “Five Meggilot” (2023), the Pesach Haggadah (2021), an anthology of Torah commentary called “Sanctuary in My Heart” (2009) and others. These books have been printed in thousands of copies, they are extensively used by the Romanian Jewish community, and have gained great popularity among the general public as well.