Your donation to the YCT Israel Emergency Fund will help us support initiatives like these:

Student Missions with Rabbi Avi Weiss

  • Sending a mission of 3 YCT students each to Israel to work alongside Rav Avi Weiss, together with Rabbi Mike Schultz (’07), Israeli rabbis and others, to support bereaved families, offer comfort and religious guidance to those in need, and to assist the home effort in any and all ways possible with their Torah and with their pastoral and rabbinical skills.

Our Israeli Alumni Serving and Supporting the War Effort

  • Supplying our semikha and Rikmah alumni in uniform with specific needs for their units. We highlight the efforts of Rabbi Akiva Weiss (’10) who is working to procure additional protective gear.
  • Supporting the work of Rabbi Aryeh Leifert (’06), as he drives across Israel assisting soldiers going to the front lines and civilians evacuating conflict zones.
  • Bringing pastoral and rabbinic support to displaced and relocated communities, spearheaded by Rabbi Michael Schultz (’08), head of Livyat Chen, YCT’s pastoral training center in Israel, and in cooperation with Beit Hillel rabbis and rabbaniyot.

Supporting our Alumni in Israel

  • Sending food, toys, and other supplies to our alumni in uniform and their families.
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