We are all still reeling from the shock and trauma of the horrific invasion and mass terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th, claiming the lives of over 1400 of our brothers and sisters, including over 300 chayalim and chayalot, and kidnapping over 200 men, women, children, infants, and elderly people into captivity.

We are devastated beyond words, but we are not defeated. As a people who believe in God, in Torah, in Jewish Peoplehood and in the State of Israel, we respond with faith, with courage and with sacrifice, with unity and with resolve.

So what can we do now? Do mitzvot and acts of chesed. Reach out to your family and friends. Contact your elected officials to thank them and encourage them to stand up for Israel and for what is right. Stay informed and consume news from reputable news sources. Give tzedakah, help in material ways those who are grieving, who are displaced, who are pining after their loved ones being held captive, and those on the front lines.

We invite you to explore the materials below as you look for ways to reflect, learn Torah, and support yourself and your loved ones through these difficult times. We have collected much of these in an Israel at War Reader, which we encourage you to download, print out and share widely.

Read Rabbi Linzer’s letter marking 30 days since October 7, “I am So Proud of our Rabbis at this Time.”

Looking to support Israel financially? We invite you to make a donation to the the YCT Israel Emergency Action Fund.

YCT Alumni in Action

Prayer. Unity. Action. Responding to the Emergency in Israel: Videos

Video, Israel emergency

Prayer. Unity. Action. Responding to the Emergency in Israel – Full Recording

Video, Israel emergency

Rabbi Mishael Zion (’11)

Video, Israel emergency

Rabbi Yonatan Cohen (’06)

Video, Israel emergency

Dr. Michelle Friedman, M.D.

Video, Israel emergency

Myra Clark-Siegel, AJC

Video, Israel emergency

Rabbi Avi Weiss